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I find it fascinating that the minority members of Congress and Mr. Cheney sit on their keisters, but stand on their soap boxes, waiting for the country to go down in flames. Perhaps hoping is a better word – hoping the country goes down in flames. They give lip service to solutions but those solutions are nothing new or recycled at best. These representatives offer sharp criticism over everything from healthcare to terrorism to Supreme Court Justice Nominees using half-truths, anonymous opinions and rumors they have mined from the vast stores of media misinformation and unchecked facts and sources. Some even plant their own seeds of propaganda, cultivating them until they climb over the wall like kudzu on a hot, humid summer day. What ease our Electeds find in perpetuating myths and spinning the facts until the facts are dizzy and seasick. It takes little effort to then throw those centrifuged, reconstituted and mutated tidbits into the media waters like chum, waiting in gleeful anticipation for the shark feeding frenzy that surely will come. Sensationalism, after all, plays to Madison Avenue like a Siren’ song to a drunken Greek Sailor.

Having fed too long and too deep in the shark tank, the media disgorges the partially digested fish bait to the general populace who greedily scoop it up not realizing the bait is tainted or not concerned enough to test it for its purity. As the fetid lure passes to the next and the next and the next, each “next” adding a spin of their own, a star is born. A star of great brightness but little substance. What a gullible breed.

Let’s face facts. The Republicans don’t have to make a move; they simply have to keep the media agitated and their constituents placated. They are poised to enjoy no fruits from their lack of labor. If the current administration’s policies go down in flames like the Hindenburg, they say “I told you so. That’s why I stuck to my principles and didn’t support any kind of change initiated by the Democrats.” If the policies prove successful, they say, “I stuck to my principles because that was what I was elected to do. The Democrats just caught a lucky break.” The way is paved. The voters want no bumps. What a gullible breed.


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