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Babs’ Quote of the Day – 2010.2.9

The entire country appears to be hiccupping uncontrollably, caught in a vortex of mass hysteria, jumping up and down like Rumpelstilskin while yelling, “The tea leaves have told you that! The tea leaves have told you that!” Slap a paper bag over your head and suck it up people! Stop hyperventilating with a bunch of fear-mongering Nashville-bound Libertarians and Conservatives who worship at the altar of Sarah Palin. You’d think she had the answers to world peace and fiscal responsibility when her claim to fame is shopping at Neiman and Saks and that evolution is blasphemy.

The hazards of debt, death panels, out-of-control government spending, pulling the Medicare rug out from under senior citizens, voting irregularities – there’s more political tripe floating around in the news, in Nashville and on the internet than what you’d find in Menudo on New Year’s Day.


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