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The Man on the Bench

Feel free to view this as a self serving missive about my new book. The reason being – this is a self serving missive about my new book. The Man on the Bench is available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It’s already getting good reviews so why not sing about it?

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a piece about the death of a homeless, mentally ill man that became a good friend. When I wrote it, I knew my friend’s first name, but not his last. I decided to try and find his family and learn more about his past. The book chronicles the amazing story of Jeffrey Pastorino, the man we called the Mayor of Point Loma.

He sat on a bench for nearly twenty years. People thought he was crazy and by many standards, he was. But after discovering his past and the events that brought him to that bench, I began to wonder who was truly crazy. The path of that discovery turned out to be the basis for this amazing story. The life of this unlikely man serves as a beacon for all of mankind when it comes to dealing with our insecurities and shortcomings. For in the final analysis, we all spend at least a little time sitting on the bench. Learn more at www.54Candles.org.


2 Responses

  1. when is first started the book, i said oh god it,s all about this guy ‘BIG DEAL HE’S A CLIMBER, RICH ETC.”
    so i read further, and i can tell you i have never been so touched.You and your wife make me so proud to be a resident of san diego(elcajon).
    I loved the book and never will it leave my book case, shall read often.
    thanks for being loving, caring and most of all giving to those who are so lost.I PRAY FOR YOU AND JEFF.


  2. Marilyn: I’m very flattered by your comments concerning the book. I must confess I felt awkward including certain biographical information in the book, but after reflecting on my long relationship with “The Mayor”, I concluded the story of how and why I got to know him was the only way to build the story. As a former reporter, I had to resist the urge to write the quick and concise “news story” I was accustomed to writing. After I discovered Jeff was a thinking, caring human being, I had to somehow weave human’s into the story. In the end, Jeff helped everyone understand and see the core of goodness that resides within us all.


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