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Global Climate Change and the Future of the Domesticated Turkey

pollutionThere’s an old wives’ tale that turkeys are so stupid that when it rains, they’ll look up in fascination with their mouths open and drown. Much to the dismay of old wives everywhere, this is false. The turkey has been given a bad rap in the folk tale channel. The truth is the domesticated turkey isn’t the brightest bird in the barnyard, but it’s not that stupid. You’ve never seen one watching Fox News have you? Case closed.

Unlike the turkey, other animals have been awarded a falsely elevated status where it comes to intelligence. It’s unfair, but once rumor turns into avalanche, there’s just no stopping it. There is no question in my mind that the single animal with the most overrated brain is your common, run-of-the-mill, garden variety homo sapien. Mankind has spent much of its history trying to exterminate itself. If it hasn’t been through warfare, it has been through soiling its own nest. A common house cat has the innate smarts to use kitty-litter and bury its waste. Mankind’s not that smart. The fact is the species isn’t bright enough to save itself.

Looking for evidence for my claim that humans are grossly overrated in the intelligence department? This one seems to be incontrovertible – there are still people who don’t believe we have a serious problem with global climate change. As a scientist, I find this beyond stunning. It amounts to an indictment of the human mental machinery that is without defense. The mere fact that there remains one person on the planet who hasn’t spent the past quarter century living in a cave in Borneo that doesn’t have at least some grasp of the problem proves, “Mankind is too dumb to save himself from his own self-induced calamity.”

The scientific evidence keeps piling up and up and up. But even if someone’s not “scientifically inclined”, how sharp does he have to be to conclude that if a half dozen kids spend an afternoon in a swimming pool, there’s a good chance there’s an element of “pollution” in the mix? With the obvious in every corner, there are those who still cite the claims of their preachers and Foxite talking heads to deny the phenomena exists.

Like so many others in my age group, I sometimes gain some solace in knowing that my time on the planet is sufficiently limited so that I won’t be around to see the worst of it. I wonder and worry about the world that my grandchildren will face as they reach adulthood on the eve of disaster.

But there is a silver lining to the ominous clouds building up on the horizon . . .

Today’s young people face some rather grim prospects down the road, but there are also phenomenal opportunities before them. As mankind continues to soil its nest, destroy its environment and march blindly toward the precipice, it will become increasingly apparent urgent action is required – even to the most oblivious amongst us. Like Chicken Little, governments will scramble and panic to survive. Those who are best prepared to assist will capitalize on the endless opportunities to fight for survival. Engineers will be in tremendous demand. Mathematicians and economists ready and able to identify and seize the moment will make killings. There are those that recognize the problem of the growing gap between rich and poor. But as we march inexorably toward our self-made calamity, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Look! It’s starting to rain. Gobble-gobble!



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