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Marco Rubio Plays with Cuban Balls

Cuba Highlights (4 of 243)After more than fifty years of shear idiocy, President Obama has taken a giant step toward normalizing relations with Cuba. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has publically opposed the action. He’s definitely got more chutzpa than I could muster even after my fifth Cuba Libre. He actually stands before the cameras and spews his rubbish with a straight face. It’s a performance worthy of an Academy Award or maybe even a seat in the U.S. Senate. He’s not alone. Other two-faced politicians (John McCain for one) have expressed opposition to the move.

“It rewards the oppressive and brutal dictatorial regime of the Castro brothers” sayeth the Rubio types. “We must intensify the embargo so they’ll move toward democracy” intones the straight faced senatorial comedian. “The people of Cuba want the same freedoms we have here and without the embargo, they won’t get them” he says.

His arguments carry a lot of weight with me because I know he stands firm in his conviction that we should not do business with countries that don’t have an appropriate level of freedom and democracy. Oppress your people and you’re not doing business with us.

I haven’t checked, but I’m sure he is fighting to build and embargo against all countries that don’t share our values. Countries like Saudi Arabia where woman can’t drive to the polls to vote because they can’t vote because there are no elections. I’ll bet he won’t do business with China, most of the countries in Africa or the City of Ferguson, Missouri. Rubio is such a man of honor.

We’ve followed an asinine policy on Cuba for fifty years and it obviously, SO obviously, hasn’t worked. What kind of an idiot and/or whore do you have to be to claim that after fifty plus years of failure, it will suddenly work? Our policy has left Castro no alternatives but to align the country with Russia, China, Venuzuela and others high on our list of non-favorites. We’ve done wonders for our competitors and hurt ourselves in the process. Let’s keep it up.

We have constantly sought to seed our economy so that our businesses will succeed and grow, yet we deny them the right to deal with Cuba. Sorry guys, your businesses could have done better, but we’re going to prevent you from dealing with that entire market. Why? Because those people aren’t free. Therefore, you can’t be free to sell your goods and services to them. There’s a bCuba Highlights (56 of 243)ucket of stupid that’s overflowing terribly.

Every other country in the world, including our European allies and our Canadian and Mexican neighbors is free to visit and do business with Cuba. We are alone in our folly. We look like vindictive fools for our self-imposed isolation. Go Rubio! Make sense of that.

I could go on at great length on this topic, but I’ll stop after one last rant. Our government has argued that the people of Cuba are being repressed by its government. So what do we do to remedy their plight? We implement an embargo so they can suffer further hardship. We’ll starve them into freedom! I may not be the highest jumping flea in this circus, but that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me. Explain to me how the people of a nation should be made “free” and to accomplish that end, we take away my freedom to travel and trade there? How do we increase freedom by taking it away? How do we make people free by starving them? I generally don’t like to refer to people, things or ideas as “stupid”, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.

The establishment of normal relations with Cuba is long overdue. Anyone who argues it’s not is either (1) stupid, (2) a stooge for some moneyed group such as the Bacardi rum family or (3) totally ignorant of the facts. Possibly all three.


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