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Finally Revealed – The Reasons for the Riots

Here’s a confession from the person responsible for all the violence and all the division in our once great nation.

Another man was shot last night. He probably deserved to die, at least in the minds of many “patriots”. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization; I know that because I heard it on Fox News. We’ve got to get this scourge of violence under control before America is totally destroyed, starting with the suburbs. Countless Americans are fed up with the division and the uprisings of those who want free everything.

Well, that’s one view of the picture. It’s carried on the banner of the comfortable. In violation of the unspoken rules of those with privilege, I’ve tried to research the matter so I can truly understand the sources of what seems to be tearing us apart. No, it wasn’t Miss Scarlet in the conservatory with the wrench. You can rule out Colonel Mustard and the rope. No, after reviewing all the clues, I have come to the unavoidable conclusion …

It was Jerry, in the grill, with his “Malicious Disengagement”. And frankly, I was his accomplice. I’m betting you too aided and abetted.

Let me tell you about Jerry. Great guy! Friendly, outgoing, happy and cordial. At least, that’s how he’s viewed by his friends and acquaintances. I know Jerry. He’s a member of my country club. We golf thrice weekly. After every golf match, a couple dozen of us congregate in the member’s lounge at the club to review the game’s results, pay out the prize money, and discuss the world’s problems. Some enjoy a twenty-dollar glass of wine as they lean back with their five-hundred-dollar golf shoes and hold their thousand-dollar custom made driver or putter.

The discussions invariably wander from golf and drift into the realm of the world’s great problems. For example, John worried about whether or not his pool crew would show up on time this week. The cleaning people haven’t been doing as good of a job as they used to do. The Mercedes dealer won’t stand behind the tires they put on his $155,000 car after they began to wear out after only 20,000 miles had been driven on them.

One by one, the golfers slowly lift their key-fobs above their heads and click the buttons. Seventy-yards distant, the engine of a driverless Bentley comes to life and the air-conditioner begins to roar. It’s a warm day and these men have suffered enough on the golf course; heaven forbid they have to suffer getting into a car that hasn’t been brought to a pleasant temperature.

These are men who through a combination of good luck, hard work, and “privilege” have made it to Easy Street. Those who work are only pretending. After all, it’s not that easy managing a 30-million-dollar portfolio. These guys don’t know where their next meal is coming from; it could be any high-end steak house with a deep wine cellar. Or, if worse comes to worst, they could have their personal chefs prepare sushi and oysters on the half shell at home this evening.

I make it sound as if their post-golf discussions are vacuous ramblings about the challenges of having everything; that’s not true. There are times talk gets precariously close to the real world challenges of social discord, lopsided income and wealth distributions, global climate change, and other extant threats to the world. The last time such unpleasantries were broached at the club, I made mental notes of some of the statements of “resolution”.

With regard to climate change… Sure, the climate has always changed, but this isn’t man-made. Solution.. buy a fourth home in a cooler climate zone.

Racial unrest… It’s all because people like that diabolical Colin Kaepernick took a knee to show disrespect to our flag and our nation and we the people.

Black Lives Matter… Who are you kidding? All lives matter, especially blue lives.

Structural Racism… “Are you joking? There’s no such thing!” (actual quote). Everyone has equal opportunity. In fact, with affirmative action, blacks have more opportunities.

Poverty… Trump has made this the greatest economy ever. Look at the stock market.

Pandemic… It’s all fabricated. Fake news! People die from the flu every year.

I’m not making this up. These men are intelligent, mostly educated men. Yet their views of the world’s most pressing problems are so incredibly shallow as to defy explanation.

The stock market is the measure of our financial health? I don’t think so. It may be a measure of prosperity for those who are already prospering, but I can assure you the two women that have cleaned our house for the past twenty years really don’t understand the connection. The DOW Jones industrial average is something they don’t monitor closely in the neighborhoods where minimum wage workers with two jobs barely have time to manage their portfolios.

The boys at the club, more often than not, have shallow, poorly researched, self-serving views of the world around them. They’re unable and unwilling to have empathy for those that don’t share their routine levels of luxury. To a greater or lesser extent… no, I take that back. In the case of the boys at the club, to a greater extent, they CHOOSE to adopt a position of MALICIOUS DISENGAGEMENT. They don’t research issues beyond the erroneous stories they hear from the talking heads on Fox News. They make no effort to empathize or see the world through the eyes of others less privileged than themselves. They are truly disengaged – maliciously.

Why? Why don’t they seem to care? Why are they routinely maliciously disengaged?

Because they can be. It’s that simple. They don’t need to care. Their Bentleys still run. The servants still take care of their 12,000 square foot homes. Their yachts are still afloat. If their yard-workers don’t do a good job, they can always hire other ones. If police kill a man in Kenosha, it has no bearing on whether or not they miss or make that five-iron shot on the seventh hole. They simply don’t have a need to care.

Or so they believe.

At some point, what ails the world will ultimately catch up to them and they will begin to care. When it hits their lifestyle, their bank account, their level of luxury, then and only then, will they begin to care.

Perhaps those struggling on the fringes of society, those who have no choice but to care, have figured it out. Maybe they understand their lives will be devoid of hope until Jerry cares. It could be their actions in the streets are nothing but a plea, sometimes ineloquent, begging society to look, listen, and care. “Please”, they’re saying, “Just try to look at life through our eyes.”

It shouldn’t be a revelation to understand that if they don’t do something, nothing happens. So Kaepernick takes a knee – “Please notice”, he says. They march in Ferguson, Missouri. “Please look at what is happening”, they plead. They march in Portland saying, “Can’t you see? Won’t you see?” They battle in Kenosha, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Chicago, Atlanta, and cities around the nation, begging for empathy.

“How did that ball not go into the hole. It was the perfect putt,” Jerry pleads to the heavens. He feigns indignance about how unfair life can be when a putt doesn’t fall, but he doesn’t know that George Floyd wasn’t a professional golfer. It’s called “malignant disengagement”.

So, who’s guilty? Who’s behind all this unrest? It’s Jerry. And it’s me. And it’s you. We could care more, but we don’t… because we don’t have to care. At least, not yet.

It should frighten us all, that an increasing number of Jerrys are buying into the populist “law and order” line now and believing we just need to get a bigger club and beat back the radical left, Marxists, ANTIFA members that aren’t comfortable with the injustice – not the missed putts, rather the dead people. At some point, the club needed to beat back the malcontents will be so big, we won’t be able to carry it. The nation dies.

Before meeting Jerry, I had a perception that Trump’s “base” consisted largely of uneducated, white guys driving around in big, manly pick-up trucks with gun-racks and the Stars-and-Bars trailing from the bed. I couldn’t understand how educated, upper and upper-middle class white men were on-board. Now I know Jerry. I understand. If I think about it too much, I get scared. So, I don’t think about it very much.

I don’t care. I don’t have to.

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