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A Review of Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story”

Michael Moore, the leftist the right would like left behind, has done it again.  Capitalism: A Love Story is in theaters around the nation.  As much to annoy my right leaning friends as anything else, I attended opening night.  I’ve always enjoyed Moore’s work even if he did every now and again take a bit of literary license.  His intention has always been to be provocative.  Love him or hate him, you can’t deny he’s been successful at that.

Moore’s newest film differs from his previous documentaries in that it is more humorous and less focused.  The film is interspersed with plenty of the dry humor for which Moore has become known.  His attempts to make “citizen’s arrests” are laden with his trademark humor that has everyone laughing but the FOXites and the subjects of his jokes.  Although, in one instance, a New York Police officer can be seen putting forth a Herculean effort to keep from cracking up.  Regardless of your political views, the movie is worth seeing if for nothing more than the laughter in brings.

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When Did “American Education” Become an Oxymoron?

I froze in my tracks. I was listening to NPR Monday when I heard a “teacher” from the Detroit public school system say “I will not even entertain merit pay because I believe merit pay is an insult. What you’re in essence telling teachers, we’ll pay you more if you teach better. What that operates under the presumption that our teachers are not giving their all on a day to day basis.”

It was absolutely unfathomable that someone claiming to be an “educator” had the audacity to suggest that all teachers were giving their unrelenting all to the task of educating America’s youth. This person has no business collecting a paycheck. He should be relieved of his job of fleecing the taxpayers and cheating the children of America so he can return to whatever cave in which he has been living. If he typifies the American teacher, it is no wonder our competitiveness in the international arena has become so pathetic. Continue reading

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