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The Migratory Habits of the Tufted Southwester Tea Bagger

Some days are just meant for bitching. Don’t lie to yourself; you’ve had’em. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed and someone’s going to have a worse day than you. It doesn’t have to make sense. It doesn’t have to be fair. The first person who falls into your sights is toast. If my wife (who is as close to uniformly charming as anyone walking) gets out of bed and does a crab-walk to the bathroom first thing in the morning, I’m outta there. Sometimes I might have to throw her a piece of raw meat to distract her while I sneak out the door, but whatever it takes to find a cave in which to hide is what I’m going to do. No one’s immune from the wishfully rare, but all too common human ailment.

A small percentage of people seem to have been born to bitch. It’s not a once in a blue moon thing. They get out of bed every day intent on making everyone who crosses their path into road kill. They’re constantly negative. They delight to bringing people down. It’s as if they find it easier to elevate their own mood by making everyone else’s lower than their own. We all know a few of them and if possible, we avoid them like the social boils they are. Their complaints don’t have to make sense. They don’t have to think things through. They can’t seem to take responsibility for their own actions. They live as perpetual consequences. They are victims. Everything that happens to them is beyond their own control and everything that happens is bad.

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John McCain to Enter Nursing Home!

Alright, alright . . . that may not be the appropriate headline, but it should be. The man has truly lost it. He has gone over the edge and is looking back at senility from the other side of the fence. It’s time to wipe the drool from his chin and strap him into his wheelchair. We knew he had fallen into the abyss when he picked Alaska’s State embarrassment, Sarah Palin, as his running mate and thus blew himself out of the race for the White House. But now, John McCain has truly cracked.

John finished at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy so he has never been viewed as an intellectual behemoth. But just like rock breaks scissors, honor and character trump cranial horsepower, hence John prospered. Despite his well documented character failings over the years, I believed in him enough that I not only contributed to his 2000 campaign for President, I actually worked on his campaign team. But that was 2000 and ten ticks on the birthday calendar have gone by since then. Aging takes its toll on all of us lucky enough to live long enough. John is no exception.

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I Confess – I Don’t Get It

The Republicans seem to have finally settled on a consistent, repeatable message. In a word, it is “No”. The ongoing rejection of any and all ideas that come from their opponents allows them to unite and parrot the simple refrain of “No”. Never mind they not only refuse to move the country forward, they refuse to move it in any direction other than backwards. At least they’re united in their quest for political power even if it’s at the expense of the wellbeing of the country in which they live.

 With their Kentucky poster child Jim Bunning leading the way in the Senate and flesh eating John Boehner of Ohio, the hit man in the House, the Republican propaganda machine is stunningly successful in recruiting tea baggers to the cause. Some of these people not only have difficulty seeing their stances as sources of embarrassment, they actually take pride in repeating the hateful, short-sighted rhetoric they’ve taken in suppository form while watching the right wing media outlets. It goes to the highest levels of the Republican Party. In his current reelection campaign, even John McCain, the man that was once an American hero, now stoops to disgusting hate speak against our current President. Hate hides the real issues and hope is beaten to the ground like Rodney King.

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Babs’ Quote of the Day – 2010.3.2

What a pile of BS! The notice arrived 30 days after I selected American Community Mutual Insurance Company to provide health insurance for our employees for the next year. Living in a rural Arizona community there was fancy footwork involved to keep that benefit in place. Between doubling deductibles and converting to a Health Savings Plan, I kept a reasonable level of insurance and saved the company $12,000 over the quotes from conventional insurance plans. It would even save the employees some money in the long run.

Imagine my surprise when I received the notice of a 61% increase in premiums beginning our second quarter into the insurance year. Calling the Arizona Department of Insurance was an eye-opener. Turns out Arizona doesn’t care how much an anti-trust exempt health insurance company raises rates as long as it only happens on a quarterly basis.

Wow! Just what are Arizona legislators doing to help? While small businesses all over Arizona struggle to keep their heads above water, unemployment in the State creeps upward weekly, education is undermined almost into non-existence, home foreclosure rates are the second in the nation and State parks close right and left, those wascally wabbits at the State Capital in Phoenix are working diligently. Between requiring a birth certificate from our President that they won’t accept at face value anyway and allowing people to carry concealed weapons permit-free, into bars, no less, how will they find time to secede from the Union or back Joe Arpaio for Governor?

Entitlements – and the Bastards Think We Owe It to Them

That’s what’s wrong with this country today, entitlements. They’re killing us. Can you imagine? All these people thinking they’ve got it coming to them. Just because they’re poor they expect food stamps, unemployment payments, and the same quality of education they’d get it they lived in the richer suburbs. They already get free medical care. They just run up to the emergency room with every little ache and pain like their appendicitis is our fault. And now they’re even trying to get health insurance on our nickel. Outrageous!

Just ask the members of your local Tea Party bunch. They get it. Or should I say, they’ve got it. If they didn’t already have it, chances are they’d be singing a different tune. The highest and best use of their time seems to be to keep the disadvantaged out of sight so as to not clutter our otherwise pleasant landscapes. When it comes time to do anything about helping the less fortunate members of our society, the Tea Partiers will tell you how those losers can climb the social ladder. Learn English, get in line, work hard, get three jobs, don’t get sick, don’t have kids, but do get lucky. Do it just like their ancestors did. In the meantime, get the hell over onto your own side of town and quit your bitching. You’re not entitled to anything other than the glorious opportunities we Tea Potters give you. Nuff said.

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The Lieberburger – Lots of Fat, but Short on Meat

For those of you inclined to ask the rhetorical question “Where’s the beef?”, here’s your answer: The Heart Attack Grill. Our friend Tommy was kind enough to visit us briefly in Scottsdale during our recent visit to that beautiful city. Tommy was good enough to come by and allow me to severely trounce him over the course of two rounds of golf and yet he won money from me. It sounds like Sarah Palin economics to me, but that’s what happened. Had he relieved of my money in such a manner anywhere but on the golf course, Tommy would have been charged with larceny or given an honorary degree from the Harvard Business School. Once he had thoroughly fleeced me, he then attempted to kill me.

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Lon Cheney and Jon Kyle’s Brain

I grew up in that time period when television was still a luxury. I still remember the small, black and white sets where the “vertical hold” was a critical adjustment. A slight deviation on the setting and the picture would roll up or down and drive my father whacky as he’d scramble to adjust it as he missed Bobby Lane’s long pass to Jim Doran as his Lions beat the Cleveland Browns on the way to the NFL championship in 57. My dad used to tune the TV with his right hand; he’d slap the side of the box until the screen finally held still for another minute or two.

It was a magic period in the land of television as the studios experimented with equipment, techniques, scripts and even shows broadcast in color.  Not many people could afford the color sets, but the color wasn’t too hot anyway so it was no big deal. It was a time when many of the shows were broadcast live.

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