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Is the Sierra Club Pulling My Leg?

It wasn’t long ago, I wrote a piece about why I belong to the Sierra Club.  It proves there can be more to a situation than meets the eye. Membership carries certain privileges and benefits, one of which is the monthly magazine. I was thumbing through a recent issue when I came upon an advertisement that left me speechless and shaking my head.

Keep in mind the Sierra Club is dedicated to protecting the planet, promoting clean and green energy, activities and lifestyles. The image of a Sierra Club member is one of a young, fit, outdoorsy, tree hugging, activist working against anything and everything polluting or harmful to the world around us. Clean energy, green transportation, resilient habitats, and reduced carbon footprints are all prominent goals of this organization founded more than 100 years ago.

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Meet an American Drug Lord

Hardly a day passes without hearing about the drug wars, the violence, the deaths and the gangs that threaten the pillars of our civilization. Thousands have died in Mexico. It is said that the Taliban and Al Qaeda both receive substantial portions of their funding from the business of opium and heroin production. When a crop offers the potential for incredible profits, there will always be a long line of people anxious to harvest the fruits and wield the power no matter the risk.

We’re not immune to the danger. America has many thousands of drug lords and pushers driving the big cars and living in the mansions most of us only dream of. The government is fighting the battle in Mexico, but in our country, we help them amass their fortunes. The victims? A gullible and unsuspecting American public. The pushers? Our pharmaceutical companies.

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