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Remember the Tax Plan?

The lynch mob still roams the streets looking for AIG executives.  AIG employees have been told to avoid wearing any apparel with the company logo on it, to travel in pairs at night, to avoid any conversations in public about AIG and of course not to talk with the press. Heaven forbid the public, a.k.a. the company’s owners, should know anything about the conduct of its employees.  If an employee suspects someone is following him or her, “911” is to be dialed immediately.  They’re even prohibited from “propping doors” lest the cookie monster or some other monster gains access.

I’m not sure what this means for one of the world’s most popular soccer teams, Manchester United.  As you can see in the picture of the team’s heart-throb star Cristiano Ronaldo, the AIG logo is plastered on pretty much everything the team has including the playing jersey.  They’re going to have a tough time complying with the company edict issued last week.

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that 15 or the top 20 bonus recipients have agreed to give the entire amount back to the company.  This amounts to about $30 million.  It’s interesting that these guys averaged about $2 million dollars each and this was for “performance” that brought the company to its knees and nearly into its grave.  Just think about how big the bonuses would have been if the company would have just broken even.

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AIG – Get a Rope!

It’s impossible to talk about AIG (American International Group) without being accused of piling on.  But sometimes temptation is just too much to resist.  Here’s my penny’s worth; given the state of the economy, I’ll resist the urge to put in two cent’s worth.  Who can afford it?  (Except maybe the guys getting the $165,000,000 in bonuses.)

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Poof! You’re a Poor Person

It seems like just yesterday.  Baby-boomers were marching in lockstep toward their twilight years with ear-to-ear smiles on their faces.  A lifetime of working, saving, and investing in the economic miracle land called the United States had them positioned to finally enjoy a little leisure time with a modicum of comfort.  Oh, what a difference a matter of about sixteen months can make.

Who doesn’t love a magic show?  Don’t you just love it when a master magician through slight-of-hand, high tech or maybe even real magic makes something disappear right before your very eyes?  Cool!  Before they had that little problem with becoming finger-food for one of their tigers, Siegfried and Roy amazed everyone in Las Vegas by making a full sized elephant vanish while a thousand people were staring at it.  It was incredible.  I’ve seen their show many times and have yet to figure out how they do it.  And I know the elephant’s real.  I watched more than once while the critter has spattered its audience with elephant dung just before he disappears.  And elephant dung is something that’s tough to fake.  (Maybe that’s a clue as to how the elephant disappears.)

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