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Water on the Brain and the Politics of Shortage

I confess; I’ve been playing. I spent the past week driving up the California coast to get to a magnificent resort in Boyes Hot Springs about an hour north of San Francisco. I’d forgotten how spectacularly beautiful the coast is between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz. If you know anything about the geography of California, you know Highway 1 along the coast isn’t the fastest route from point A to point B.

I didn’t have the luxury of taking three days to make the return drive from Sonoma to San Diego. I went east out of the San Francisco area and headed for Interstate 5 where I could set the cruise control at 0.001 mph below the speeding ticket limit and get a straight shot into San Diego. I’ve driven that road many times over the past thirty five years and remember it lined with agricultural fields and orchards from Stockton to Bakersfield. The San Joachin valley is commonly referred to as the bread basket of America. A substantial percentage of our nation’s food is grown in central California. Or should I say it used to be?

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