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Arizona Nearly Blown Off the Map (If you believe the media)

Without a free and vibrant press, you wouldn’t be reading this. A free press is essential to the maintenance of freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility. Unfortunately, the press doesn’t always act responsibly. You can expect small minded provincialism from little newspapers nestled in isolated mountain towns; they try their best with the limited talent pool they can dig out of the caves. But I can’t help but expect better from the major market media.

Recently, the NPR affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona, a station generally known for fair and balanced reporting, ran a story about the “emergency shutdown” of the Palo Verde nuclear generating station forty miles west of Phoenix. They ran the story and ran the story and ran the story.

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Why I Belong to the Sierra Club

I don’t always agree with them. In fact, I frequently disagree with them. I have been to a couple of their events and found that many of them seem to be naïve, idealistic, air-heads on crusades to save the planet from humanity at the expense of humanity. The common thread in most of their campaigns comes across as the world will be a better place if every human holds its breath until he turns blue, falls over and mulches himself. They look to be visionaries, but only while looking down a length of sewer pipe. Sometimes they see the big picture; other times they can’t see beyond the ends of their noses. Yet I have been a Sierra Club member for many years.

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