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Entitlements – and the Bastards Think We Owe It to Them

That’s what’s wrong with this country today, entitlements. They’re killing us. Can you imagine? All these people thinking they’ve got it coming to them. Just because they’re poor they expect food stamps, unemployment payments, and the same quality of education they’d get it they lived in the richer suburbs. They already get free medical care. They just run up to the emergency room with every little ache and pain like their appendicitis is our fault. And now they’re even trying to get health insurance on our nickel. Outrageous!

Just ask the members of your local Tea Party bunch. They get it. Or should I say, they’ve got it. If they didn’t already have it, chances are they’d be singing a different tune. The highest and best use of their time seems to be to keep the disadvantaged out of sight so as to not clutter our otherwise pleasant landscapes. When it comes time to do anything about helping the less fortunate members of our society, the Tea Partiers will tell you how those losers can climb the social ladder. Learn English, get in line, work hard, get three jobs, don’t get sick, don’t have kids, but do get lucky. Do it just like their ancestors did. In the meantime, get the hell over onto your own side of town and quit your bitching. You’re not entitled to anything other than the glorious opportunities we Tea Potters give you. Nuff said.

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