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“Not Evil Just Wrong” – the Movie

I’ve always claimed to be open minded enough to review and consider all sides of an issue. In keeping with my boast, I endured the public release of Not Evil Just Wrong, Ann McElhinney’s cinematic effort to counter Al Gore’s Nobel Prize winning An Inconvenient Truth.  I knew I was in for a real scientific treat when I walked into the small military church in which the movie was playing and was asked to sign the guest book to validate the Tea-Partier’s attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records.  It’s not clear why it was important to be a part of history’s biggest opening night for pathetically flawed pseudo-documentary films.  I can only assume that if it somehow wormed its way into the record book, that would prove the rambling nonsense it contained would magically become validated science.  Judging from the number of empty seats in the room, it’s probably a non-issue anyway.

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Why I Belong to the Sierra Club

I don’t always agree with them. In fact, I frequently disagree with them. I have been to a couple of their events and found that many of them seem to be naïve, idealistic, air-heads on crusades to save the planet from humanity at the expense of humanity. The common thread in most of their campaigns comes across as the world will be a better place if every human holds its breath until he turns blue, falls over and mulches himself. They look to be visionaries, but only while looking down a length of sewer pipe. Sometimes they see the big picture; other times they can’t see beyond the ends of their noses. Yet I have been a Sierra Club member for many years.

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