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The Creation Museum – Disneyland Revisited

I unapologetically acknowledge that I am trained as a scientist. My father was an engineer. My grandfather was an engineer. Logic was revered on the alter in the home of my youth. It has long intrigued me that a substantial percentage of Americans reject the concept of Darwinian evolution. At the risk of offending those who fall into that category, what the hell kind of Kool-Aid are you drinking? I can’t see how anyone with a touch of education and a hint of cerebral activity can believe otherwise. I can think of few things in the scientific world that are so incredibly self evident.

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Creationism? OK, Now I get it.

In the animal kingdom, one species’ intelligence has been consistently overrated.  The human animal shows evidence of creativity and prescient thought, but invariably “reasons” its way into wars and environmental disasters.  It is such a voracious consumer, it will use its intelligence to design and create new foods like high fructose corn syrup.  It then eats itself right into its reinforced coffin sized for obesity.  It takes natural substances and devises ways to change them into drugs like heroin and cocaine.  It then sucks the powders up its nose in a steady, self directed trek toward its death.  Despite Garrison Keeler’s claim about the kids in Lake Woobegone, the majority of whom are “above average”, the human animal isn’t nearly as sharp as it likes to believe.



Dr. Michael Shermer is an experimental psychologist and the Founding Publisher of Skeptic Magazine (www.Skeptic.com).  The YouTube video shown here is a full length (25 minute) interview with Dr. Georgia Purdom, a “research scientist” at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.  Dr. Purdom offers her defense of creationism as well as her arguments against evolution.  It is one of the most stunning indictments of human intelligence I’ve seen in ages.

A proof of my contention can be found with the fact that somewhere on the order of half of Americans don’t believe in evolution.  I find it unfathomable that in the face of overwhelming evidence as well as from the result of the application of a little common sense, any marginally intelligent human being can deny the reality of evolution.  But they do.

After watching the interview, I was amazed at two things.  How could this woman conceivably receive a Ph.D. from Ohio State University while living in a world nearly devoid of logical thought?  And how did Michael Shermer continue the interview for 25 minutes without rolling his eyes, cracking up and saying, “Lady, you’re nuckin futs.”  Shermer must truly have the patience of a saint.

This interview should scare the hell out everyone.  If the future of our world rides on people like Dr. Purdom, we’re screwed! 

Although I am not personally an advocate or believer in “intelligent design”, I do acknowledge that as a concept, someone can make a reasonable argument for believing in it.  I have no dispute with a person’s right to believe in intelligent design no matter how silly I may think it is.  But to espouse a belief in creationism that precludes acceptance of evolution is ignorance in all its glory and delusion at its grandest.

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