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Making Amerika Great One Swastika at a Time

aunt-beulahBy Aunt Beulah

Aunt Beulah is a former comatose pseudonym who woke from her slumber when the country lobbed a grenade through her nursing home window.

Is it not refreshing to see America and its citizens finally paving The Path to the Moral High Ground? It’s about time we jumped on High Horse and galloped over the Constitution of the United States of America. Just between you and me, I feel the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, not to mention the Declaration of Independence, are pretty lame. After all, the Founding Fathers of this country couldn’t even be bothered to establish a State religion or mention Christianity at all in any of these documents. I’m almost positive that was an oversight, although I can’t be sure as I wasn’t there and there was no Twitter. Perhaps they were sidetracked while separating church from state and couldn’t find their way back to the pew to ask for guidance. Damn Deists. Horrifying Humanists. Sensible Secularists.  What were they thinking by leaving the construal of those documents to the commoners?!

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I am Property, Let Me Be

If I lived in Iowa, I would be mad as hell and I would not take it anymore. The nerve of the Iowa Supreme Court to rule in favor of Gay Marriage. Have they no values? In the April 3 ruling the court wrote, “We are firmly convinced the exclusion of gay and lesbian people from the institution of civil marriage does not substantially further any important governmental objective,” and that Iowa’s lawmakers had “excluded a historically disfavored class of persons from a supremely important civil institution without a constitutionally sufficient justification.” In other words, the Justices feel that excluding a class of people from marrying serves no purpose and that equal protection under the law as provided for in Iowa’s Constitution, even in civil marriage, trumps a parochial “tradition” of marriage as between one man and one woman and to exclude . . .

According to the Court, the plaintiffs in the case conveyed “the disadvantages and fears they face each day due to the inability to obtain a civil marriage in Iowa.” For example, “the legal inability to make many life and death decisions affecting their partner, including decisions related to health care . . . the inability to share in their partners’ state-provided health insurance, public employee pension benefits, and many private-employer-provided benefits and protections,” and the denial of “several tax benefits.”

“Yet, perhaps the ultimate disadvantage expressed in the testimony of the plaintiffs, is the inability to obtain for themselves and for their children the personal and public affirmation that accompanies marriage.” Without the legal right to marry, there is no way to legally, socially, and morally establish a family, an important social unit in our global communities. Marriage establishes kinship. Kinship establishes a family. Continue reading


I am a student of pop (some say pulp) culture and women’s issues. Not to the point that I want to look like a celebrity, risk arrest for stalking, or burn my bra, mind you. Although, burning my bra at my age could save some money if I were inclined to visit Cher’s plastic surgeon. Gravity would send my breasts plummeting to my knees but in so doing, the weight of their descent would pull the wrinkles and sagging skin from my neck and face. It’s a win-win situation for everyone but the medical profession.

But I digress. As a feminine cultural scholar a fair amount of my time involves mindless activities such as watching television and perusing magazines and the internet for ads, trends and miracle wrinkle removal creams. The sheer volume of products available to lift, exfoliate, radiate, rejuvenate, bleach, regenerate, illuminate, reinvent, beautify, hydrate, cleanse, renew, and reduce pore size, wrinkles, and blemishes, not to mention getting a suntan without venturing out into the sun (a vampire’s dream), is absolutely staggering . Staggering and expensive. What a country!

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