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Free at Last – Free at Last

Judge Roger Vinson apparently has an insatiable need to be well known, not an unusual need for a Federal Judge. It’s been my experience that most Judges, especially those in the Federal Courts, have far more ego than common sense. By that standard, Judge Vinson fits the stereotype.

Vinson is the guy that pandered to the Tea Party by declaring the health care act unconstitutional. Like other simple minded myopes, e.g., Arizona buffoon in chief, Jan Brewer, Vinson says the Constitution somehow prevents the government from forcing people to buy health insurance. He justified his logic by announcing in his written decision, “It is difficult to imagine that a country which began, at least in part, as the result of opposition to a British mandate giving the East India Company a monopoly and imposing a nominal tax on all tea sold in American would have set out to create a government with the power to force people to buy tea in the first place.”

What the hell is this guy talking about? He’s a judge; surely he understands the concept of non-sequitor. As the Tea Party’s chief intellectual, Sarah Palin, calls them, this was clearly a WTF moment.

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John McCain to Enter Nursing Home!

Alright, alright . . . that may not be the appropriate headline, but it should be. The man has truly lost it. He has gone over the edge and is looking back at senility from the other side of the fence. It’s time to wipe the drool from his chin and strap him into his wheelchair. We knew he had fallen into the abyss when he picked Alaska’s State embarrassment, Sarah Palin, as his running mate and thus blew himself out of the race for the White House. But now, John McCain has truly cracked.

John finished at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy so he has never been viewed as an intellectual behemoth. But just like rock breaks scissors, honor and character trump cranial horsepower, hence John prospered. Despite his well documented character failings over the years, I believed in him enough that I not only contributed to his 2000 campaign for President, I actually worked on his campaign team. But that was 2000 and ten ticks on the birthday calendar have gone by since then. Aging takes its toll on all of us lucky enough to live long enough. John is no exception.

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A Dirty Word

What happened to the Art of Compromise? Has it fallen on hard times, sucked under by the quicksand of obsolescence much like magazines, newspapers and, to hear Amazon tell it, books? “Compromise” has become a dirty, ugly word. If we can’t have everything we want when we want it, we don’t want anything. And all of this time I thought half of a biscuit was better than no biscuit given that half would stave off hunger until you could scrounge up a meal.

Perhaps compromise should be the jumping off place, the first step on the path to agreement instead of the last. The car mired in the mud stays mired in the mud until people work together to free it and send it on its way to its destination. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t take the first step. Sitting on one’s fear-mongering butt spewing idiotic non-factual comments at the top of one’s lungs only irritates the throat and elevates the blood pressure.

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Plagiarism – The Highest Compliment

Rare as it may be, every once in a while someone lifts a line or two from something I’ve written and uses it without permission.  Some people suggest I should be offended my work has been stolen without consent.  On the contrary, I’m usually flattered and honored.  Just think of it.  Someone thinks enough of your work to actually go to the effort of pirating it.  If the thief makes a wheelbarrow full of money with it, I’ll reconsider.  But until then all I can say is “Thanks for the compliment.”

Hopefully, the author of this little piece feels the same way.  I would ask permission if I only knew the source.  It came to me via one of those circuitous email forwards that winds its way through email list after email list, some blind, some public.  Regardless of the source, it was just too cute to not steal.  I’m not the author.  I wish I was the author.  If enough time passes without the author stepping forward, maybe I’ll pretend to be the author.  But for now, I’m offering it to you like I’m peddling a set of hot hubcaps.  Take it and run.  (Incidentally, I stole the image too.  Once a thief – twice a thief.)

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Healthcare One: Self-less Sacrifice

I am jumping on the bandwagon. Leaping into the fray. Piling on the quarterback. Call it what you will, but I am poised to dive into the abyss that has become the healthcare hullabaloo. Frankly, President Obama should slow down the train. Not because we should be happy with our current healthcare or that the system couldn’t benefit from reform. With rising costs, aging Baby Boomers and uninsured citizens we have a crisis looming of unprecedented proportions and reforming the system is our only hope. However, reform is another word for change and this change is monumental, involves the entire country, and threatens the survival of a myriad of special interests and re-electable Congressmen that are not going to take a possible hit lying down.  They have nothing to loose but everything to gain by spreading rumors and pandering to the ignorance of the masses through fear mongering.

My father, the Admiral, once told me that if change was easy, everyone would be doing it. This was more than apparent during my debating days in high school, where one began with the status quo and argued for change. The team that drew the status quo position always had the advantage. Right or wrong, good or bad, the status quo had been tried, tested and was a known quantity. Change is – not. Change is a leap of faith, a foray into the shadowy corners of the unfamiliar, and, in this case, a cry for the “Haves” to help the “Have-nots”.

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Town Hall – Fight or Fiesta?

Knowing how the media tends to blow things out of proportion, I thought it was time for a firsthand look. I attended one of the much publicized town hall meetings on the subject of healthcare reform. California Congresswoman Susan B. Davis would answer questions at the Hillcrest “town council” meeting in San Diego. The event was much heralded by both pro and anti healthcare reform groups and a large and contentious crowd was expected. I wasn’t disappointed.

By the time I arrived, a thousand people were in line to get into the meeting. The meeting room had capacity for a couple hundred. That would leave most of the crowd in the street for the duration. A thousand people held signs aloft and chanted slogans. Pro healthcare reform people seemed to outnumber the opponents by a factor of five to one. The atmosphere was more like one outside a Big Ten football stadium on a Saturday afternoon in October. The partisans cheered, chanted and waved their placards.

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Famous American Socialists

On her way to the King’s palace, Chicken Little met Henny Penny. Henny Penny said she was going into the woods to hunt for worms.

“Oh no, don’t go!” said Chicken Little. “I was there and the sky fell on my head. Come with me to tell the King.”

So Henny Penny joined Chicken Little and they went along and went along as fast as they could.

The moon-bats of denial who continue to doubt evolution can point to Chicken Little and thousands of Americans who haven’t evolved beyond the point of jumping to nonsensical conclusions with scanty evidence as proof evolution is a myth. Even worse are the minions that take the word of the fool and run with it as if it was cast in stone. Sadly, we are a nation, a world overflowing with people guilty of a gullibility of such immense proportions as to jeopardize our future existence.

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