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On Tigers, Hookers and Hypocrites

The media circus surrounding the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament ended Sunday when Phil Mickelson pulled away from the field to don the coveted Green Jacket of Augusta National. As golf tournaments go, it was a great show. But as usual, the media tried to hype everything surrounding the event from Mickelson’s family travails with breast cancer to the resurgence of the aged Viagra sect of the field, i.e., the old men in contention, Fred Couples and Tom Watson (at the ancient age of sixty actually still walking upright).

The main event involved the repentant Tiger Woods who has spent most of his time in the rough over the past six months. Tiger erred in his personal life. No one can argue that. But in what is supposedly one of the greatest events in sports, the media couldn’t focus on the competition without constantly alluding to Tiger’s past boudoirdic sins.

It’s time to get over it, give the poor guy a break and realize he’s one of the sport’s greatest athletes of all time and a real and flawed human being just like the rest of us. I don’t condone his past behavior, but that’s his personal life. He’s a figure on the world stage because of his golf skills. Let him be human.

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