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Making Amerika Great One Swastika at a Time

aunt-beulahBy Aunt Beulah

Aunt Beulah is a former comatose pseudonym who woke from her slumber when the country lobbed a grenade through her nursing home window.

Is it not refreshing to see America and its citizens finally paving The Path to the Moral High Ground? It’s about time we jumped on High Horse and galloped over the Constitution of the United States of America. Just between you and me, I feel the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, not to mention the Declaration of Independence, are pretty lame. After all, the Founding Fathers of this country couldn’t even be bothered to establish a State religion or mention Christianity at all in any of these documents. I’m almost positive that was an oversight, although I can’t be sure as I wasn’t there and there was no Twitter. Perhaps they were sidetracked while separating church from state and couldn’t find their way back to the pew to ask for guidance. Damn Deists. Horrifying Humanists. Sensible Secularists.  What were they thinking by leaving the construal of those documents to the commoners?!

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Election Time

With that season of insanity upon us, with Rick Santorum flitting about uttering some of the most diabolical and divisive rhetoric imaginable, with Romney floundering about trying to  guess what his listeners want to hear (without much success), with Gingrich doing his politcal immitation of Don Rickles, with Ron Paul wandering about like the Mad Hatter, with Super Pacs undermining the strength of a once great nation, maybe it’s time just to look at a pretty picture. After all, there was a dance band on the Titanic.

John McCain to Enter Nursing Home!

Alright, alright . . . that may not be the appropriate headline, but it should be. The man has truly lost it. He has gone over the edge and is looking back at senility from the other side of the fence. It’s time to wipe the drool from his chin and strap him into his wheelchair. We knew he had fallen into the abyss when he picked Alaska’s State embarrassment, Sarah Palin, as his running mate and thus blew himself out of the race for the White House. But now, John McCain has truly cracked.

John finished at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy so he has never been viewed as an intellectual behemoth. But just like rock breaks scissors, honor and character trump cranial horsepower, hence John prospered. Despite his well documented character failings over the years, I believed in him enough that I not only contributed to his 2000 campaign for President, I actually worked on his campaign team. But that was 2000 and ten ticks on the birthday calendar have gone by since then. Aging takes its toll on all of us lucky enough to live long enough. John is no exception.

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I Confess – I Don’t Get It

The Republicans seem to have finally settled on a consistent, repeatable message. In a word, it is “No”. The ongoing rejection of any and all ideas that come from their opponents allows them to unite and parrot the simple refrain of “No”. Never mind they not only refuse to move the country forward, they refuse to move it in any direction other than backwards. At least they’re united in their quest for political power even if it’s at the expense of the wellbeing of the country in which they live.

 With their Kentucky poster child Jim Bunning leading the way in the Senate and flesh eating John Boehner of Ohio, the hit man in the House, the Republican propaganda machine is stunningly successful in recruiting tea baggers to the cause. Some of these people not only have difficulty seeing their stances as sources of embarrassment, they actually take pride in repeating the hateful, short-sighted rhetoric they’ve taken in suppository form while watching the right wing media outlets. It goes to the highest levels of the Republican Party. In his current reelection campaign, even John McCain, the man that was once an American hero, now stoops to disgusting hate speak against our current President. Hate hides the real issues and hope is beaten to the ground like Rodney King.

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Talking to Stumps

Sure, I’m generalizing. So be aware I acknowledge there are exceptions to what I’m about to say. At last count there were twelve. Not bad for a group of a few tens of millions. It’s increasingly difficult to pick a descriptive name for the group. Call them FOXites, tea baggers, right wing-nuts, religious zealots, conservatives or Republicans, each group disavows automatic inclusion in the other, but the reality is that by superimposing each group’s demographic over the others, the boundaries are barely blurred. Sadly for some (namely conservatives and Republicans), their labels used to carry an element of pensive respect, but those were the days of William F. Buckley and other educated, intelligent icons of their philosophical sect. Buckley and his ilk have been replaced by the likes of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly and numerous other doctrinal windbags that don’t even believe in their own theater. They pander to the under-educated, intellectually lazy “patriots” that find a three piece jigsaw puzzle a formidable mental challenge. They’re making a mockery out of the American political system by feeding nonsensical populist rubbish into the unfiltered minds of the philosophical zombies that roam the range contributing little beyond mental defecant to the discussion of the substantive issues confronting America today.

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Babs’ Quote of the Day – 2010.2.1

I have a two-year-old granddaughter whose favorite word in the whole-wide-world is – you guessed it – NO. It matters not what you ask her or tell her. Maybe you just look at her cross-eyed or with a smile on your face. You can say, “Please”, “Thank you”, or “Do it now or Raggedy Andy goes to the trash can.” Her response is predictable. “NO!” Not just “NO”, but “NO” with a twist to her little body or her arm raised, palm out, shaking her tiny hand or head down and stomping her miniature feet. Body language is such a powerful form of communication. It tells you so much more than words. I suspect she watches Republicans on C-SPAN while her parents are sleeping.

Lon Cheney and Jon Kyle’s Brain

I grew up in that time period when television was still a luxury. I still remember the small, black and white sets where the “vertical hold” was a critical adjustment. A slight deviation on the setting and the picture would roll up or down and drive my father whacky as he’d scramble to adjust it as he missed Bobby Lane’s long pass to Jim Doran as his Lions beat the Cleveland Browns on the way to the NFL championship in 57. My dad used to tune the TV with his right hand; he’d slap the side of the box until the screen finally held still for another minute or two.

It was a magic period in the land of television as the studios experimented with equipment, techniques, scripts and even shows broadcast in color.  Not many people could afford the color sets, but the color wasn’t too hot anyway so it was no big deal. It was a time when many of the shows were broadcast live.

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Democracy on the Brink

I was in Manhattan last month. As I walked along the Hudson, I knew New York’s weather just didn’t get any better than it was that beautiful day. Blue skies were daubed with the kinds of big cumulus clouds that photographers dream about. The cooling wind stirred up the water just enough to make it picture perfect. My eyes became fixed on that beautiful lady that holds her torch skyward. It was hard to keep the mind from letting the wind take it on an emotional ride fluttering through our long history and what that lady has symbolized for America and for the world. Freedom, a policy of open arms, opportunity and democracy – those things that made us great.

Over the years, we encouraged democracy around the world, even if in recent years it has been more lip-service than by example. Yet I watch in horror as American democracy rots from within. Case in point – recent public meetings where right-wing gangs have attended town hall meetings and shouted down speakers opposed to their views. This radical, anarchistic behavior is being encouraged by groups aligned with the FOX “tea party” crowd, groups such as FreedomWorks, a right-wing organization whose goal is to herd the sheep over the cliff. The “me and mine” crowd not only falls right in line with the demagogues that shepherd them and lead them to slaughter, they have fallen prey to a diabolical trick that would make Karl Rove sing.

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Finally, Palin Gets It Right

Sarah Palin, the comic figurehead of the failed Presidential campaign of John McCain, has resigned as Governor of Alaska.  Figurehead may not be the best choice of words.  A “figurehead” is that carved wooden woman that graced the bows of the old sailing ships.  If we’re to stick with the sailing metaphor, she should probably be described as McCain’s anchor.

Nonetheless, I listened as Sarah made her announcement Friday.  She said she wasn’t a quitter.  Who, but Sarah Palin could make such a statement to kick off a speech in which she was announcing she was quitting.  If you voted for McCain/Palin, if you even considered casting your vote for McCain/Palin and you understand that she could have been one missed heartbeat away from the Oval Office and this doesn’t scare the holy hell out of you, you’re anchor is dragging.

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Not All Republicans are Idiots

I voted Republican for most of my life.  My father is a Republican.  My brother is a Republican.  Many of my friends are Republicans, misguided as they may be.  I know for a fact there are many Republicans that are very intelligent, highly educated, thoughtful and caring people.  But if the party is to survive in any form even resembling the party of old, the small minority of smart Republicans had better come to the fore and reclaim the party.  But I fear it’s too late.

All beginnings have their causes.  When you think about it, this pretty much says there are no beginnings because they’re always preceded by something causal.  However, for the sake of discussion I’m going to define the beginning of the current Republican malaise as being with the arrival of Karl Rove and his strategists.  In their successful effort to get a cartoon character elected to the White House, they analyzed the electorate and realized there was a vast block of under-informed, gullible voters that could easily be swayed with idiotic, paranoia rooted, drivel.  In a nutshell, Rove and the Republican machine actively solicited the support of the idiot faction.  They were successful beyond their wildest dreams.

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