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Teaching Pigs to Wrestle

Monday I spent the morning in a board meeting discussing mundane but critical matters that should not need to be addressed, but, due to the creativity of the human race and its uncanny ability to wiggle through loopholes, inevitably must be addressed. Just as nature finds ways around obstacles such as the Claymore mines of pesticides, antibiotics and natural disasters, so humans dodge rules, regulations and Arizona Revised Statutes.

Never build flexibility into covenants, conditions, and restrictions. They turn around and bite you on the butt like a ferocious bear market. Not unlike a total lack of regulatory policies.

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Your Boob Tube

Many, if not most people believe in miracles.  A miracle is – by definition – an event or happening that defies all reasonable or logical explanations.  It stands to reason then the less reason and logic someone possesses the more prone the person is to witness miracles, but that may be somewhat of a circular argument.  Babs, for example, tends to witness miracles in streaks usually punctuated with the appearance of a full moon.  She once gave me a big compliment.  That’s the last time I witnessed a miracle.  It was, however, during a “new moon”.  The night was very dark and she may have thought I was someone else. 

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