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Sucker Words – Wealth Redistribution

In the grand tradition of famed propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, talking heads in pulpits across the nation corral the great American sheep with their invisible staffs of fear. Preachers like Limbaugh and his clones cart their millions to the banks with glee on their faces and profits in their hearts. They delight every time they see Americans react to their rhetoric like a school of lemming turning in unison to every little source of fear, real or imagined.

American propagandists constantly take otherwise innocent, benign words and phrases and paint them with dark, insidious overtones and watch as society’s shallow thinkers, such as members of the Tea Party, turn them into weapons and unwittingly do the bidding of the propagandists themselves. Is it any wonder Limbaugh, Hannity, Palin and others of their ilk are often seen with the smirk of a prankster? Consider these evil terms, “liberal”, “socialist”, “gay”, “atheist”, and “illegal immigrant”. The list is lengthy, but you get the point. All are words or terms that have been vilified by the talking heads. Reactionaries reflexively recoil in horror when they hear them.

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The Tyranny of Words – “Wealth Redistribution”

Humor tickles the soul by poking at those spots we can’t normally reach by ourselves. Often it’s the fact that something doesn’t seem to make sense that makes it so funny. That’s why it’s difficult to remember more than a few lines after seeing a good comedian perform; the humor’s perverted logic is difficult to file using the mind’s normal organizational structure. If you can’t file it, you can’t retrieve it. It’s what makes Babs so funny from time to time. She rarely makes sense.

The American public is a great wellspring of humor. For an English speaking people, how is it Americans can be so completely befuddled and confused by any of a number of words and phrases that they’ve been programmed to instantly define as either good or evil? It’s like their brains are put in a state of suspended animation and some mindless robot takes control of their thoughts. Blowhards like Rush Limbaugh utter one of the magic phrases and the minds of 10 million otherwise intelligent people are instantly anesthetized and all rational thinking stops. The zombies chant in unison, “It’s socialism (or communism or the welfare state or liberals or blah blah blah)” and they actually believe what they’re saying.

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